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Exploring Distant Galaxies by Ear

The starry sky, images of the glowing blue Earth or the latest colour images taken by the Mars rover Perseverance – space first triggers visual images in many people. This is probably because astronomy is primarily a visual science, despite the fact that most data collected in modern observational astrophysics isn’t visible to our eyes.

“Even the very best academic, the most critical journalist can be manipulated”

How do we distinguish relevant from irrelevant information? In his interview with 42 Magazine, science journalist Ranga Yogeshwar talks about the overflow of information and why it is important to filter it. He calls for the disclosure of algorithms while simultaneously pointing out the positive sides of digital transformation and suggests that its benefits should be used beyond economic ends.

Ein Ausflug in die galaktische Archäologie

Explodierende Supernovae, sich in andere Galaxien schleichende Sterne – was nach Science Fiction klingt, ist in der “galaktischen Archäologie” Tagesgeschäft. Im Interview mit fortytwomagazine spricht der Astrophysiker Sven Buder über die Entstehung unserer Galaxie, den Zusammenhang zwischen Sternen und Flipperautomaten und die Bedeutung von Spektren in seinem Forschungsgebiet.