About 42

The world is complicated. It has probably always been complicated, but new media has drastically increased the availability of information and the speed of its renewal. Our scope of perception has widened and in a connected world, local incidents gain global significance. Political and economic decisions are interwoven in a complex web of interests and dependencies which sometimes contradict each other. One moment, opponents fight against each other out of conviction and form a coalition the next one. The passage from one extreme to the other is fluid: boundaries are blurred, just like those between facts and their so-called alternatives. The contradiction becomes normality and you can find a justification for almost anything in the plethora of information. 

That is why thoughtful and well-researched journalism is more important than ever. The questions are big, the answers are complex. Our magazine Forty-two shall create clarity without oversimplification; transmit knowledge without lecturing. We want to create a resonance chamber that picks up current socio-political debates and breaks them down with the aid of scientific facts. Ten expert interviews, and thus ten different perspectives, form the foundation of every issue. By making expert knowledge accessible, we want to bridge the gap between science and society. Showing diverse, in-depth positions on one topic is particularly important to us: Too often, simple explanations fail to do justice to the complexity of societal developments. The relevance of our topics does not stop at national borders, connections can only be recognised in comparison, internationality has become a precondition for the comprehension of the world we live in. That is why Forty-two is published in three languages and made for you by our team from all over Europe. The first steps of 42 Magazine began in Bonn at an old wooden table. Christine Lehnen brought Eliana Berger, Ina Habermann, Lara von Richthofen and Lena Kronenbürger together to develop the European project. 

Following Douglas Adams, Forty-two cannot and should not be the answer to “life, the universe and everything”. Our goal is to foster debates and encourage looking at things from a different angle. Through new impulses from various academic disciplines, we want to support you in understanding and shaping the world we live in. We ask curiously and probe bravely to establish a reliable source of information in a complex and connected world. 

If you wish to get in touch, we would be happy to hear from you.