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We have some great news…

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Knowledge is one of the few resources that is not consumed through use. On the contrary: by using our knowledge to explore and better understand the world we live in, by sharing our knowledge and making it available to others, it continues to grow. 

At 42, it has always been important to us to facilitate the transfer of knowledge between research and society – and to provide you with ten exciting, surprising, multifaceted scientific perspectives on a major topic in each of our issues. With issue #5 it was time for us to take a new step: We are very pleased to officially launch our collaboration with Slanted Publishers. The international publishing and media company based in Karlsruhe is particularly well known for its bi-annual and award-winning Slanted Magazine, which reports on international developments in design and culture. Together we want to develop 42 further and make it accessible to a wider readership. 

Slanted will especially be responsible for the new look of 42 and the distribution of the print format. Our interview concept still holding, the only conceptual change is that from now on we will focus on the German and English languages. With an increased focus on the print format, both languages will in future be combined in one printed magazine. “We are very much looking forward to further develop the magazine together with the 42 team and to create additional reach” says Julia Kahl, co-founder of Slanted Publishers.

And so are we!

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