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In 42’s Nutshell, Vol. 1


News. News. News. With Brexit, the election of a new European parliament and ever new interesting remarks by Washington’s politician No. 1 that reach us on a daily basis, who still has time to check out news coverage on climate change? Sure, we know the basics: rising sea levels, limited time to react and most recently, the Fridays for Future movement that brings these topics loudly to our doorstep. But there is so much more.

That’s what “In a Nutshell” is for. Every month, we will guide you through this jungle of information. This month’s edition (and our very first one, too) is packed of information and will bring to you the most interesting coverages on climate change recently posted in the world wide web. Here we go! Oh, and if you have any suggestions or want to recommend articles, interesting personalities and projects related to our current topic, feel free to contact us via twitter, facebook or Instagram.

Special Coverages on climate change

Climate Refugees. Endless empty beaches, palms and coral reefs – the Marshall Islands seem to be paradise. Unfortunately, climate change does not know borders and beauty neither which is why the small islands located in the Pacific Ocean are in big trouble. Split into four chapters, Süddeutsche Zeitung shows you how people living on the islands cope with the situation and what choices they make to survive the severe effects of climate change.

Losing Earth. For all the pupils and students engaging in the #fridaysforfuture demonstrations, climate change and its disastrous consequences seem like brand new topics which are finally getting attention by politicians and scientists. Thereby, it passes out of mind that humans have been already at almost the same point thirty to forty years ago. By reporting the efforts of some American scientists, activists, and politicians to raise the alarm about causes and dangers of climate change, Nathaniel Rich addresses the 10-year period from 1979 to 1989 when humankind first came to a broad understanding of climate change.

Warning Stripes. Climate change is not pretty, not at all. Ed Hawkins visualization of climate change, however, could be exhibited in museums. The British climate scientist designs colorful infographics („Warming stripes“), displaying the annual average temperature of various countries which impressively show the development of global warming. You can admire his work on his blog „Climate Lap Book“.

Flight-Free. Are you in need of some summer vacation inspiration? Perhaps reading The Guardians story about the emerging no-fly movement in Sweden and other parts of Europe can help you decide where and especially how to go there. 

By Neele Mühlhoff

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