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The 42 best reasons to cast your vote this EU-election


All the posters and campaign ads have notified you for weeks, but now it is actually happening: the 2019 European elections kicked off yesterday. While the Spitzenkandidaten are still campaigning in several European countries, we already know the result in the Netherlands. On Sunday, it is Germany’s turn and our 42_deepthought blog team, too, will go to the polls. As passionate Europeans, we thought of our 42 favorite reasons, why you could join us. What is your motivation for casting your vote these days? Get in touch and tell us about them via twitter, instagram or facebook.


  1. You make the difference.
  2. It is just a simple cost-benefit calculation.
  3. It’s a small cross for you, a giant leap for… Well, you know.
  4. Btw. refusing to vote out of protest is not really a thing. There is no record of it.
  5. Voting is a privilege, not a burden. We are all damn lucky to have the right to vote.
  6. Every vote counts. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE
  7. So: Make election turnout great again!
  8. Democracy, like the European project, is not inviolable and sadly, not everybody is as big of a fan as you are.
  9. A quick crossword to remind you: One Word, six letters and it starts with a b.
  10. We are Europe. One for all and all for one. All passionate musketeers to the polls!
  11. Don’t let history repeat itself.
  12. And speaking of privileges: care about all those freedoms and advantages that the European project brought to your daily life? Go vote and support their continuation and progress.
  13. I mean, who needs borders? Travelling without a passport is way more chill.
  14. Fill out a ton of paperwork or even be restricted from working in another country?
  15. So make your cross and do not give others the right to make political decisions without taking your opinion into account.
  16. Those who engage in political discourse can bring about change.
  17. I mean, you are asked to give your opinion. On politics. And people are actually interested in what you think.
  18. Make use of your right to freedom of expression!
  19. The amount of different parties to choose from is super impressive. There is something to choose from for everybody.
  20. You determine EU politics for the next five years. No pressure.
  21. Only those who participated in voting can later have access to (the slippery and rocky road of) moral high ground where they get to criticize the administration.
  22. To reference another US election campaign: Yes, we VOTE!
  23. Europe equals liberty.
  24. For those who vote via mail (at least in Germany): finally a really cool letter will arrive at your mailbox besides all the bills and ads. And you will send a fancy red letter off.
  25. You know, there is a fair chance it might turn into a howler if you don’t use it to cast your vote…
  26. Finally, something you can easily mark off your to-do list.
  27. Also drawing crosses is fun.
  28. Karma. Nobody wants to be reborn as a cockroach.
  29. (And yes,) going to the polls this election Sunday will actually count as physical exercise. So get those steps in!
  30. Maybe it’ll be a sunny day. Even more reason to treat yourself for ice cream after you successfully cast your vote.
  31. It is definitely the absolute best reason to feel good about yourself and spent the rest of the day in bed and chill.
  32. Or if you are interested, go watch how volunteers count the votes after 6 pm on Sunday. It’s a public vote
  33. Maybe you meet your true love when going to the polls: take your chances.
  34. It is the best way to express your discontent.
  35. But you can also show your support for a party’s policies.
  36. There is no minimum of votes for parties to enter the European Parliament. You might make the difference to secure seats for one of the many small parties up for election.
  37. Voting for Europe is a pretty elegant way to stop nationalist and eurosceptic influences. You won’t let them decide the fate of Europe.
  38. Did I mention BREXIT?! Democracy survives on the engagement of its citizens, people – so get involved.
  39. The European Parliament is the only directly and democratically elected body of the European Union. Support European democracy with your vote.
  40. If you live in your hometown, this is your chance to stop by your old school.
  41. How about an election party afterwards? We are all in!
  42. And finally: Just because!


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