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Corona Moments from Across the World

Anne Mueller

© Anne Müller

All around the world, borders have been closed. The physical distance between us seems greater, the days seem longer since we have retracted into small national entities. We are fighting this worldwide crisis mostly detached from our friends, families and neighbours.

42 is an international project. Our team has always lived in many parts of the world. In this article we would like to share a glimpse of the self-isolation that our team members are experiencing all around the globe.

Saint Peterburg: All handwashed

“Only since March 28, St. Petersburg has had strict self-isolation rules. The government has decreed mandatory vacation for those who do not work in a home office or in essential functions. So I’m faced with a new problem: Washing clothes. 

In the dormitory where I live, a woman is responsible for the washing machines. We students are not allowed to use the washing machines alone. But this woman is now off work and the nearest laundry is unfortunately more than the permitted 100 metres away from my apartment block. In any case it is unclear if the laundries are open at all. For now I wash my clothes by hand and wring them out properly in a tour de force.”

– Anne, Interviewer 42 Magazine

Berlin: Virtual beer pong

“Spending a Week-end without drinking with some friends? A no go in Berlin! So my roommates and their friends had an idea…

A virtual beer pong tournament! This game consists of throwing a ping-pong ball into beer cups. For each successful shot, the opponent has to drink the contents of the cup. In order to respect the measures of social distancing, everyone plays from home, with the opponent’s cups on his kitchen table, and streams the game on Skype.

We’ve made up ten teams of one or two players and play against each other twice a week. Each match consists of two to three rounds and beer is served in each round. You don’t need to do any maths to understand: in Berlin, despite the lockdown, the beer is flowing!”

– Lucile, Interviewer 42 Magazine

Paris: A Romeo and Juliet moment in times of Corona

“Since March 16 Paris is in quarantine, the whole city is in lockdown. That means: Staying at home, no visiting, social distancing, isolation. Thank God food shopping or going for a run by yourself is still allowed. Even better if you witness a heart-warming situation like I did a few days ago. 

On the way to the bakery, I saw a young couple snuggling up tightly. When I came back 10 minutes later with my Pain au Chocolat, the two of them were just saying goodbye. Sad looks, hesitant steps and hands that slowly let go – tragic. 

Only then did I notice that they were both wearing running clothes. What a beautiful Romeo and Juliet moment in times of Corona. Two teenagers who meet in secret and under the pretext of going for a run to exchange the virus with intimate kisses.”

– Ella, Head of Social Media 42 Magazine

Boston: Leaving the USA

“As I‘m packing up my things to leave Boston, I walk across the Harvard campus, which is usually an academic beehive teeming with students and tourists. These days it is completely deserted.

Since the gyms in the area are closed, people have been resorting to the outdoor gym at Magazine Beach. But now even that equipment is only occupied by sad yellow tape. Once in a while, a jogger passes by.

When I decided to leave for Germany, the only available flight was via New York, the world‘s Corona hotspot. Since most interstate flights are canceled, I have to take a bus to Manhattan, out of all places. The streets are eerily empty. Two days after my arrival, relief – my test is negative.”

– Jonas, Interviewer 42 Magazine

Munich: Corona choreo

“In the supermarket around the corner from my home in Munich I try to keep my distance from the man in front of me. He touches all the avocados one after another – after all, you have to check even in times of coronavirus which of them is ripe enough for guacamole… I turn the next corner, and just when I expect nothing bad to happen, it happens! Only at the last second I see the woman coming towards me! Scene of the crime: The aisle where cans of peeled tomatoes are perfectly lined up as if the world was in order…

We stop, both of us look like we’re holding our breath. She clasps her fingers around the handle of the shopping basket, I press the muesli firmly in front of my upper body as a protective shield. Then we burst out in laughter. The tension disappears into thin air. Maybe my mood lights up in this moment because this “dancing around each other” reminds me of children’s birthdays? After all I always loved playing stop and dance!”

– Lena, Editor-in-Chief 42 Magazine


How are you holding up during the corona crisis? Feel free to share your funny, annoying, nice or scary experiences with us. Contact us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook or write an email to contact@fortytwomagazine.com!

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