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42 Things to Do at Home

Anna Grom

© Anna Grom

#stayathome is a hashtag we should take seriously these days. It’s important that we all take care of ourselves, our loved ones, our neighbours… Let’s keep a few meters of distance today so that we can hug each other again soon!

…to prevent you from getting bored, we present 42 things you can do at home alone. But relax, one activity after the other is more than enough 🙂

  1. Read the current issue of 42 Magazine “Changing Climate”
  2. Organise video calls with your friends
  3. Read one of the books that is piled up next to your bed
  4. Look out of the window
  5. Finish reading a newspaper 
  6. Try to figure out what’s the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything
  7. Cook something nice for yourself
  8. Cook something nice somebody else
  9. Discover The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy to finally understand where 42 Magazine got its name from
  10. Listen to some nice music. Our favorite song is „Life and Everything“ from Ingo Richmann. Check it out here
  11. Dance in your kitchen
  12. Practice a headstand (don’t worry, you’ll get there)
  13. Start this year’s spring-cleaning
  14. Have some comfort food
  15. Sing on the balcony
  16. Paint postcards and send them to your family
  17. Help others (elderly people in your building will thank you)
  18. Start a plan to make the world a better place
  19. Learn a new language (Did you know 42 is available in 3 languages?)
  20. Watch your favourite comedian – laughing is healthy
  21. Take a virtual museum tour or watch some “tateshots”
  22. Listen to all the Harry Potter audio books in a row
  23. Dig up old photos and indulge in nostalgia
  24. Take a little nap (every day, even immediately after breakfast)
  25. Write a letter to a special person
  26. Stay in your pyjamas all day – just because you can
  27. Be proud of yourself because if you stay home, you’re saving lives
  28. Write a short story, a song or a poem
  29. Re-decorate your apartment
  30. Binge-watch your favourite series
  31. Try and guess what 42’s upcoming issue is going to be about. (If you guess right, you’ll get a free copy sent to your home once it launches)
  32. Think of things you’re grateful for
  33. Put together a 1000 piece puzzle
  34. Water your plants
  35. Learn things that interest you by doing the research you’d otherwise cut short
  36. Make somebody laugh
  37. Think of ways you can make your lifestyle more climate-friendly
  38. Dream
  39. Eat your vitamins
  40. Allow yourself to be a little scared
  41. Create a bucket list of all the things you want to do once the corona crisis is over
  42. Share your funniest, scariest, bizarrest corona-anecdotes with us!  


By Ella Steiner and Lena Kronenbürger

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