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Editorial N° 3

Dear readers,


Send an e-mail and it will reach the moon in just a few seconds. But a postcard will often only arrive at its destination after a week. Communication is easy nowadays; e-mails and WhatsApp move via electromagnetic waves at lightning speed – making the mailman seem incredibly slow in comparison. The internet is a communication technology that shapes our everyday life. We stumble upon new information before witnessing it through more traditional media like the evening news or morning newspaper. But who can guarantee that the flood of information that we are exposed to stems from verified sources and explains issues in their proper context? In an interview, the physicist and science journalist Ranga Yogeshwar demands a public debate to determine who is supposed to filter the mass of information. In ten interviews, the experts of this issue discuss the repercussions of digital transformation on our societies…

Editorial N°2

Living without the notion of borders had been self-evident in Europe for hundreds of years. Passports, as we know them today, were introduced in 1920 and meant to be dismissed later. At the time, borders separated cultural, linguistic, religious or geographical spaces but they were never political. In contrast, we perceive national borders as normal in the modern world – just like the fact that some people need a visa to travel to other countries, while others do not.

Editorial N°1

Finally, the very first issue of 42 is out! The founding team of 42 Magazine and I are very proud to share our new, socio-political interview magazine with you. About a year ago, we, six young women, decided that we could no longer settle for oversimplified explanations of complex, societal developments. At a time, when the globalised world is becoming ever faster and increasingly complicated, we are quick to accept simple answers – even when they are wrong or abridged.