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@ tuan1368 / Agora

# ClimateChange2020 – Capturing Climate Change in Photographs

The lack of rain and long periods of drought result in the destruction of agricultural land in Vietnam. @ tuan1368 / Agora   Deforestation, plastic waste in the oceans and air pollution from coal-fired power plants – ecological destruction has immense consequences for our planet. The climate change caused by greenhouse gases affects ecosystems, animals and also us humans more and more directly. This is impressively demonstrated by the images of the fifty finalists in the Agora photo app competition. Under the heading #ClimateChange2020, the participants were invited to capture the effects of climate change with their cameras. The result is an equally fascinating and shocking range of images that document global climate change. They show the melting of glaciers and barren fields, animals trapped in plastic waste, and people whose livelihood is increasingly being corroded by the climatic changes. With their pictures the amateur photographers express their dismay and try to raise awareness for the consequences of global warming. We present you a small selection below – including, of course, the winner. More photos …

In 42’s Nutshell, Vol. 1

News. News. News. With Brexit, the election of a new European parliament and ever new interesting remarks by Washington’s politician No. 1 that reach us on a daily basis, who still has time to check out news coverage on climate change? Sure, we know the basics: rising sea levels, limited time to react and most recently, the Fridays for Future movement that brings these topics loudly to our doorstep. But there is so much more.

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“News. News. News. Brexit, EU elections and the ever new interesting remarks of a certain Washington politician – political news reach us more frequently than just on a daily basis. Every second, every minute brings new coverage to our social media newsfeeds, our preferred online media outlets and via push notification to the touchscreens of our cellphones. We will look beyond that constant flood of information. Discover special in-depth stories, fascinating people and intriguing projects related to 42 Magazine’s topics with us, Neele, Laura, Philipp, and Anna. We are super excited to start this journey with you! If you have any suggestions or ideas, feel free to get in touch with us via Facebook, Twitter or” “News. News. News. Brexit, EU-Wahlen und die immer wieder interessanten Bemerkungen eines gewissen Politikers aus Washington – gesellschaftlich relevante Nachrichten erreichen uns mehrmals am Tag. Jede Sekunde, jede Minute spült neue Inhalte in unsere Social Media Newsfeeds, unsere liebsten Online Informationsquellen und per push Nachricht auf die Bildschirme unserer Smartphones. Gemeinsam mit uns, Neele, Laura, Philipp und Anna, werden wir hinter die konstante Flut aus Informationen schauen, die uns …